Duncannon Fort Military Re-Enactment – Whit weekend

Saturday May 31st and Sunday 1st of June 2014 – http://duncannonfort.com/military-re-enactment/

The 10th Duncannon Military re-enactment and vehicle show is taking place on the June bank holiday weekend. The event has now become one of the biggest and longest running events of its kind in Ireland and attracts one of the largest gathering of military re-enactors in the country. Its a unique event in its own right and is organized by The Munster Military Vehicles and Living History Group in conjunction with Duncannon Fort, home of re-enactment in Ireland .
The groups involved are from all periods of history. history groups from Dublin will be displaying a huge display of Viking and pre Christian era tents weapons and living history as well as doing several battles in the moat. impressive groups who are renowned all over the country for the historical accuracy of what they portray can be seen all weekend here .

We will have Romans Ireland specializing in life under the Roman rule with the Roman legion present giving a taste of life in Roman times, dress, weapons, religion and life in the Roman legion explored . A very informative group who will do several re-enactments throughout the weekend

WW1 will be represented and well covered in the museum which is free to access for the weekend showing people what life was like in the trenches and this will be complimented by a British Great war display also showing life under a gas attack and crossing no mans land for the public shows and also in the Great war trench experience in the museum throughout the day.

Celtic and medieval displays will also be in full swing with various groups displaying crafts , garments and foods to show what life was like then.

WW2 will be a big draw for the public as one of the most sought after and photographed spectacles at the weekend, Allied and Axis forces will be in full strength and many rare WW2 vehicles especially German will be on display. A large German camp will be in situ and will show a host of vehicles and weapons of all sorts . The Allied and Axis forces will do various displays of fire power in the moat throughout the day and this has proved to be a major point of the show for the last few years . Weapons firing , explosions , and rockets going off all set the scene for a major showdown on the day to the delight of the crowd .

Post W.W.2 groups like Vietnam, Korea and British troops of the 70′s and 90′s will be in the fort also this weekend . The American civil war will also be represented both North and South and an impressive display of arms and equipment will be there for all to see
Every type of weapon will be there from all periods, cannon, musket, rifle, pistol and artillery pieces form most armies of the world will be displayed.
Many various types of military vehicles will be present , armored, tracked jeeps , motorcycles, side cars, trucks, artillery and antiaircraft guns will be on display for all to see. Kids of all ages from 5 to 85 will be able to see and inspect these at close range for the weekend.
Some of the biggest and rarest vehicles will be on site this weekend. Many trade stalls and Militaria dealers will be there selling all things military. Paintball and airsoft groups will have ranges there for people to have a shot off and for the very adventurous we will have archery in progress for those who like to try their hand at some targets
Admission is 20euro for a family ticket(2 adults and up to 4 children ) and adults are 10 euro and children 5 euro separately. Show is open Saturday and Sunday from 11a.m. to 6 p.m.
Access to The World at War Museum is included for the weekend .
It’s a great day out and value for money for those who wish to spend a day and see it all.
Duncannon Fort Military Re-enactment and Vehicle Show

June Bank Holiday Weekend Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st of June Organised and Run by
The Munster Military Vehicles and Living History Group

In conjunction with Duncannon Fort Trust
Organised by Joe O’Toole
This year the 100 anniversary of the Great War 1914-18 will include
the Great War Trench
Ireland’s only Great War Trench Experience

New Ross Piano Festival

Title: New Ross Piano Festival
Description: 2011 will be the sixth Piano Festival in New Ross. It is unique in its format of shared concerts, where three internationally famous pianists share the platform for concerts, with thrilling results for the audience. There are also solo recitals. In 2010 there was also free ragtime piano in the street and outreach programmes for children, and that will continue in 2011. Each year there is a new development and 2011 promises to be particularly exciting in this regard. The initial programme will be on the website early in the year, and it is formally launched in June. New Ross is a small town and the festival has a warm and intimate atmosphere, which is guaranteed to make you want to return once you experience it!
Start Date: 2011-09-22
End Date: 2011-09-25

Duncannon Sand Sculpting Festival

Title: Duncannon Sand Sculpting Festival
Location: Duncannon
Link out: Click here
Description: The Sand Sculpting festival kicks off on Friday night with the grand opening of professional Sand Sculptures and beach party, with live entertainment and Fireworks afterdark. Throughout the weekend we have amatuer sand sculpting competitions open to all the family, with fun and games on the beach including Climbing Wall and Tug O War.

For the smaller children we have storytelling in Duncannons Historic fort and fancy dress competitions.

Throughout the weekend we have live music from local musicians in the village. There are plenty of other events going on over the weekend for all age groups. On Sunday afternoon we have Street Theatre with the “Madcaps” – this highly entertaining show is free to all and will have everyone in stitches laughing. So, bring the family because this is one festival where there is somthing for everyone no matter what age.
Start Date: 2011-08-12
End Date: 2011-08-14

Wexford Light Opera Presents: Centenary Concert

Title: Wexford Light Opera Presents: Centenary Concert
Description: Wexford Opera House is Ireland’s first ever fully specified, purpose built, opera house. A hub for theatre which hosts the world renowned Wexford Opera Festival and all year round showcases some of the most popular national and international productions.

We have lots of kid friendly events and interactive performance plays during the year and our weekly guided tour of the venue is an enjoyable family experience which explores the Opera House. You and your family can explore the stage and backstage facilities and view the orchestra pit lifts and the horseshoe shaped balconies. You’ll also be escorted up to the top of the fly tower where you can take in the 360 degree view of Wexford’s beautiful harbour, Mount Leinster and the coast at Tuskar Rock lighthouse
Date: 2011-07-13

JFK Dunbrody – Festival

Title: JFK Dunbrody – Festival
Link out: Click here
Description: The JFK Dunbrody Festival was established in 2001 to celebrate the two iconic tourist attractions in New Ross, The Dunbrody Famine Ship and the ancestral home of President John F. Kennedy. The festival is multifaceted, with live open air music, markets, arts and crafts and with a particular focus on international connections and the Irish Diaspora. The focal point of the festival is the Dunbrody Famine Ship, and the surrounding area which has international appeal. The vision for the future is to reach out to the Irish Diaspora throughout the world bringing them back home for a weekend of culture and enjoyment.
Start Date: 2011-07-22
End Date: 2011-07-24

Tall ships

Title: Tall ships
Location: Waterford
Link out: Click here
Description: Thursday-Sunday, June 30-July 3, 2011 will be four extraordinary days in Waterford as Ireland once again hosts The Tall Ships Races.

This is one of the most spectacular and colourful events in the world and Waterford is gearing up to host over 70 majestic Tall Ships; 1,500 sail trainees and an anticipated 500,000 maritime, music and festival fans on the quays of Ireland’s oldest city.

The Tall Ships Races is set to be the biggest event in Ireland in 2011 and the return of The Tall Ships to Ireland’s South East region will be celebrated with a festival programme capturing the very best of Irish and international acts; street theatre; fireworks; music and food.

On board the Tall Ships will also be dozens of Irish young people enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate as trainees, alongside their international peers.

This will be an unforgettable occasion and four days of incredible festival fun.

Start Date: 2011-06-30
End Date: 2011-07-03

Wexford Opera House – Wexford Light Opera Presents: The Mikado

Title: Wexford Opera House – Wexford Light Opera Presents: The Mikado
Location: Wexford Town – Loch Garman
Description: Wexford Opera House is Ireland’s first ever fully specified, purpose built, opera house. A hub for theatre which hosts the world renowned Wexford Opera Festival and all year round show …
Telephone: +353 (0)53 9122144

Start Date: 2011-04-25
End Date: 2011-04-30